2 December 2022

Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) test 1

Welcome to your Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) test 1

Bugs discovered out of Sprint should be ...
Which is a Built-in Quality practice that is applicable mostly to Technical and Business Teams ?
(T/F) Class coupling measures each class only once for this metric no matter how many times it gets used.
The more code a Developer writes the better.
The Daily Scrum structure can be changed.
(T/F) It is important that everyone understands what "done" means when used to describe an Increment or PBI.
In order to change the priority of an item in the Product Backlog any member of the Scrum Team may simply change it.
(T/F) Only technical writers can create documentation during a Sprint.
What happens if the customer no longer wants the feature that the Sprint Goal intended to meet?
(T/F) Even if the PO does not decide to release the Increment it needs to be "done" at the end of a Sprint.
Which of the following are NOT metrics of code quality?
(T/F) Modeling may be useful to increase shared understanding.
Planning Poker must be used by Development Teams.
Only one scrum team can work on a product
The Product Owner gets to determine when the Product Backlog is complete.
The Product Owner is ultimately accountable for the Product Backlog Management. (True of false)

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