22 April 2024

Scrum and Technical Practices

Scrum and Technical Practices :

  • While technical practices aren’t specifically included as a part of Scrum, the rapid pace of development using Scrum often requires that good technical practices are utilized by Development Teams in order to be successful.
  • As part of incremental development, Scrum puts quality before scope. Writing high-quality code is an art in itself. It requires skills, dedication, mastery, agreed practices, and agreed on standards.

Clean code :

  • Software code that is expressed well, formatted correctly, and organized for later coders to understand.
  • With Clean Code, Clarity is preferred over cleverness.

Clean Code features :

· Descriptive Function Names
· Small Functions
· Few Comments
· Few Arguments
· Single Responsibility Principle
· Necessary Code Only
. Tested

Scout Rule :

  • The practice of always leaving the code base in a little better state than it was found before modifications, is called the Scout Rule. Scout Rule is a mean to progress towards Clean Code.

Clean code principles and best practices :

  • 1. common closure principal
  • 2. single responsibility principal
  • 3. decouple construction from runtime

Orphan Code :

  • Orphan, dead or unreachable code is a code that will never be executed. It shows itself as variables that are declared but never used, functions that are never called, or code that is skipped because of a condition branch.

Standards :

  • Scrum Developers work toward company, development and organizational standards.
  • Such standards provide guidance. The Developers decide on the actual implementation, thereby respecting the standards.

Common standards used during coding :

  • Pointer and Reference Usage
  • File Naming Convention
  • Naming Convention (the benefit of establishing naming standards for code is that it makes the code more Readable)
  • Formatting and Indentation
  • Classes, Functions and Interfaces
  • Comments and Documents

Feature Toogle :

  • Software development practice that allows dynamically turning functionality on and off.
  • Feature toggle doesn’t impact the overall accessibility of the system by users.

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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