24 July 2024

Scrum and Software Development Practices

Development environment, tools and infrastructure :

  • The development environment, tools, and infrastructures required for the development should be prepared and improved gradually during the project. It is obvious that it uses more effort at the early Sprints and less effort during middle and last Sprints. In addition, during each Sprint, the team should try to produce at least one potential releasable business functionality in order to get feedback from customers.
  • On the other hand, there is no special time before starting the project or Sprint Zero to do such a preparation.

Domain Specific Language :

  • A domain-specific language (DSL) is a computer language specialized to a particular application domain. This is in contrast to a general-purpose language (GPL), which is broadly applicable across domains.

Modeling :

  • “Agile Modeling” is a set of practices one can use in Agile teams for effective modeling and documentation. This method aligns with the Agile values and principles and still helps benefit from the power of modeling. The emphasis is on models for conversation, not for handovers.

Scout rule :

  • Practice of always leaving the code base in a little better state than it was found before modifications. Progress towards clean code.

Specification by Example :

  • Agile software development practice based on TDD and ATDD
  • Calls for using realistic examples from past experience instead of untested or abstract statements in the description of the desired functional behavior

Technical Practices :

  • Scrum Development Teams with excellent technical practices will likely be more sucessful.
  • Engineering Standards, a shared set of development and technology standards that a DevelopmentTeam applies to create releasable Increments of software.

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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