24 June 2024

PMBok 7th Risk Management : Risk identification

PMBok 7th Risk Management : Risk identification

  • Task 1 : Conduct risk identification exercises
    • Conduct meetings, interviews, focus groups, and other SME support activities
    • Perform detailed analyses of risk identification exercise results
    • Analyze documents, audio transcripts, telemetry data, etc. and understand business context of information
    • Indicate risks as threats or opportunities
  • Task 2 : Examine assumption and constraint analyses
    • Leverage the results of the assumption and constraint analysis
    • Categorize assumptions and constraints
    • Assess the risk associated with each assumption and/or constraint
    • Recognize the relationship between assumptions and/or constraints, and project objectives
      • e.g.
        • Predict the cascade effect of project stakeholder holiday schedules on project timelines
      • Others
    • Encourage stakeholders to challenge assumptions and constraints
  • Task 3 : Document risk triggers and thresholds based on context/environment
    • Assess, confirm, and document risk compliance thresholds, and categories against updated risk data
    • Assess and document risk triggers, causes and timing
    • Assess and document risk consequences and/or impact
    • Empower stakeholders to challenge existing thresholds
  • Task 4 : Develop risk register
    • nalyze the validity of identified risks and triggers
    • Examine the risk attributes like probability, impact, urgency
    • Establish risk origin and ownership
      • e.g.
        • Internal
        • External
    • Classify risks as threats or opportunities

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