24 June 2024

Risk Management advices

Risk Management advices

  • Use risk register and update it frequently Integrate (coordinate) risk management with other project activities
  • Produce and communicate risks through reports
  • Analyze risk performance against project metrics
  • You need to look at the big picture and link different components together.
  • Change request is a useful tool to link changes between the originating document and affected document.
  • Updated Risk register is the best report.
  • Through continues risk reassessment.
    • Remember that risk management doesn’t stop through the life of the project.
    • New risks emerge and will needs to be identified, assessed and controlled.
  • Review the tool of technical performance measurement in project control process.
  • Update your risk plan.
  • Use advanced techniques in risk management.
    • Like simulation and modeling.
    • Also scenario planning and risk connectivity analysis.
    • Such advance techniques require specialized softwares.
    • Statistics is also important here.
  • When new information becomes available you need to update your plans.
  • You can get this easily by being alert and recording positives and negatives you encountered in the project.

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Created : 23/05/2022

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