24 July 2024

The Scrum framework : Increment

The Scrum framework consists of Scrum Teams and their associated accountabilities, artifacts, events and rules as defined in the Scrum Guide.

The Scrum artifacts

Increment definition

  • Increment is typically the result of a Sprint.
    • Increment is a piece of working software that adds to previously created Increments, where the sum of all Increments – as a whole- form a product.
    • Increment is a body of inspectable, done work that supports empiricism at the end of a Sprint.

Increment purpose

  • Increment is a fully functional piece of working software, that adds value to previously created increments.
  • Increment practice

    • The product increment should be usable and potentially releasable at the end of every Sprint, but it does not have to be necessary “released” by the Product Owner.
      • Each Increment is additive to all prior Increments and thoroughly tested, ensuring that all increments work together.
      • Increment is a potentially delivery of product in ‘done’ segment in order to ensure a potentially useful version of the product always available.

    Definition of Done (DoD)

    Incremental approach

    • Definition of Done (DoD) insures that there is always a useful version of working product available.
      • The Developers try to produce a done usable and potentially shippable and releasable Increment and piece of working software at the end of each Sprint.
      • On the other hand, finishing their tasks does not necessarily mean they will create a releasable Increment because they may miss some tasks for converting the selected Product Backlog Items into a done Increment.

    Incremental delivery

    • A cornerstone of Agile development is ‘incremental delivery.’
      • Incremental delivery is the frequent delivery of working products, which are successively improved, to a customer for immediate feedback and acceptance.
      • Typically, a product is delivered at the end of each sprint or iteration for demonstration and feedback.
      • In this feedback technique, a customer can review the product and provide updated requirements.
      • Changed/updated/refined requirements are welcomed in the agile process to ensure the customer receives a valuable and quality product.
      • A Sprint typically lasts from two to four weeks and at the end a new and improved product is delivered, incrementally.
      • [The Art of Agile Development. James Shore.]

    Scrum framework

    Product Backlog

    Sprint Backlog

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    Updated : 03/09/2021

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