12 April 2024

Agile common frameworks or methodologies

Agile approach

  • Agile methods offer several benefits including faster time to market, more business value and improved stakeholder satisfaction.
    • For planning, agile does not recommend heavy upfront planning.
    • Instead, it recommends an initial high-level plan which is re-visited on several occasions throughout the project.
  • Agile methods work well where there is uncertainty in the environment and the results are driven by people rather than process.
    • Heavy-weight methods canvass formality and discipline in order to work the intricacies of the project.
    • In opposition, agile methods favor creativity, improvisation, and nimbleness to negotiate with project hazards.
    • In addition, agile methods welcome change and alternately adapt to the new conditions.
    • Heavy methods are more pessimistic at handling change and try to get all things worked out in the first instance.

Agile common frameworks or methodologies

Agile failures

  • The top 12 causes of agile failure (failure modes) according to Aaron Sanders :
    • 1. A checkbook commitment doesn’t automatically cause organizational change or support.
    • 2. Culture doesn’t support change.
    • 3. Culture does not have retrospectives or performs them poorly.
    • 4. Standards and quality are lost in a race to project closing.
    • 5. Lack of collaboration in planning.
    • 6. None or too many Product Owners.
    • 7. Poor project leadership or scrum master that doesn’t place trust in the team and allow it to be self-organizing and self-disciplined.
    • 8. No on-site agile promoter or coach.
    • 9. Lack of a well built, high-performance team.
    • 10. Accrued technical debt if strict testing standards are not upheld.
    • 11.Culture maintains traditional performance appraisals where individuals are honored and the team aspect is lost.
    • 12. Reversion to the traditional or ‘old-way’ of doing business occurs because change is hard.
    • [Coaching Agile Teams. Lyssa Adkins.]

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Updated : 13/10/2021

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