24 June 2024

Agile cycle time and lead time

Lead time

  • Lead Time is the time between the initiation (command) and the delivery of a User Story.
  • Example

Cycle time

  • Cycle time clock starts when work begins on the request (To Do), and ends when the item is delivered.
    • Cycle time is a more mechanical measure of process capability.
    • Cycle time is the time between two successive deliveries.
  • Example
    • In our case it is the time between two User Stories entering the last stage– Deployed stage
    • In this case, User Story 34 enters the Deployed stage on day 11, then two days after, the next story– User Story 37–enters the Deployed stage;
    • Cycle time equals 2 days (day 13 – day 11).
  • How to calculate cycle time
    • Total Cycle Time = Number of things in process /Average Completion Rate
    • Example:
      • Average Completion Rate = 4, Number of things in process = 8,
      • Cycle Time = 8 Items / 4 per week
      • Cycle Time = 2 weeks

To improve Cycle Time

  • Reduce Number of Things in Process
  • Improve Average Completion Rate
  • Reduce rework
  • High visibility of blockers and active removal
  • Analysis to identify items that are too large.

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