24 July 2024

Agile Book Risk Management

Agile Risk Management

  • Early risk reduction via risk-based spikes
    • Spike is a short effort usually timenoxed that is devoting to exploring an approach, investigating an issue or reducing a project risk
      • Brief exploratory iterations = risk-based spikes
      • POC efforts = architectural spikes
  • Agile project pre-mortem
    • Imagine the future
    • Generate the reasons for the failure
    • Consolidate the list
    • Revisit the plan
  • Re-prioritizing the Product backlog
  • Creating risk response stories
  • Updates to iteration and release plans, and to roadmap
  • Risk-adjusted Product Backlog
  • Retrospective and Risk burndown charts

PMI-RMP Certification exam flashcards

Created : 22/05/2022

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