12 April 2024

Scrum framework : is Scrum Master a leader ?

Scrum Guide

  • The Scrum Master is a leader (but a Servant leader) for the Scrum Team(s), the Organization, the Customer(s) and the Users.
    • Scrum Master as Servant Leader
      • As a Scrum Master, you are the true leader, accountable for your Scrum Team’s effectiveness.
      • As well described in the 2020 Scrum Guide, as a Servant Leader, you are accountable for serving your Scrum Team so they become a cohesive unit of responsible professionals, self-organized, focused, consistent and accountable for creating a valuable, useful Increment every Sprint.


  • But what if you are unable to create this outcome?
  • What are some places you can look and some adjustments you can explore?
  • What barriers might be preventing the creation of self-managing Scrum Teams?
  • And what experiments could you try to break through these barriers?

Best Practices and Patterns

  • Let’s explore these items with practicing Scrum Masters :
    • Best Patterns
      • Lessons Learned from experience
      • Share the top barriers the Scrum Teams have typically faced on the path to self-management and some practices that have helped them break-through,
      • Share on wiki and Community of Practice (CoP),
      • Look at the Scrum.org Applying Professional Scrum training course and the Agile for SM learning path,
  • Best Practices (BP)
    • Brake at least one concrete action to apply the Best Practices to launch or reboot a Scrum Team in your organization,
    • Inspect and Adapt,
    • Improve and make progress.


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