24 June 2024

PRINCE2 : 7th Edition announced

Why a new PRINCE2 ?

  • Meeting the growth in need for Project Management skills
    • 2.3 million new project management employees will be needed each year to meet global talent demands by 2030
  • Reflecting changes in the project management space
    • The project management landscape has evolved since 2017, PRINCE2 needs to evolve to meet new needs and bring in missing areas such as people
  • PRINCE2 for all opportunity
    • Being developed to be accessible to anyone in any role who needs critical project management skills to deliver successfully
  • Improve flexibility
    • Rules need to be reduced and the importance of tailoring needs to be demonstrated to showcase the true value of the method and make sure it is applicable to all projects across all sectors
  • To meet our market commitment
    • AXELOS fulfills commitment to ensure the ongoing relevance of best practice guidance and respond to your feedback

What’s new in PRINCE2 7th Edition ?

  • Focus on People
  • Projects are all about people
  • The new PRINCE2 People chapter covers critical topics such as culture, collaboration and communication to drive project success
  • Enable agility
  • Allowing organisations to move quickly and easily in response to change or challenge
  • Deliver successfully
  • Working for any project in any context
  • Have fewer rules
  • Supporting flexible use across the business
  • Be fully tailorable
  • Demonstrated throughout the guidance, primarily through scenarios
  • Be easy to understand and apply
  • Accessible language and reduced complexity supports a wide range of professionals to be able to engage with the method
  • Address important emerging needs
  • Sustainability and data are now considered key to the success of many projects
  • Sustainability and data will embed into the tried and trusted PRINCE2 method


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