24 July 2024

Lines of Code (LOC)

Lines of Code (LOC) definition

  • It isn’t a code quality metric.
  • Lines of Code is the number of lines in the text of the program’s source code.

Lines of Code purpose

  • Lines of Code is Code Metric which checks the Code Health.
    • Lines of Code (LOC) measures reward low level languages because more lines of code are needed to deliver a similar amount of functionality to a higher level language.C. Jones offers a method of correcting this in his work.
    • LOC measures are not useful during early project phases where estimating the number of lines of code that will be delivered is challenging.
    • However, Function Points can be derived from requirements and therefore are useful in methods such as estimation by proxy.

Lines of Code practice

  • Lines of Code indicates the total number of executable lines of code in a method.
    • This count is an approximate number, based on the Intermediate Language (IL) code.
    • A high count might indicate that a type or method is doing too much work
    • A high count might also be a warning that code will be hard to maintain
    • Lines of Code include only executable lines of code, so comments, braces, white space and member declarations are excluded.

Scrum and Metrics

The Scrum framework

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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