27 May 2024

Function points

Function points (FP) definition

  • The function point is a “unit of measurement” to express the amount of business functionality an information system (as a product) provides to a user.

Function points purpose

  • Function points are used to compute a functional size measurement (FSM) of software.

Function points practice

  • The cost (in dollars or hours) of a single unit is calculated from past projects.
  • The use of function points in favor of lines of code seek to address several additional issues :
    • The risk of “inflation” of the created lines of code, and thus reducing the value of the measurement system, if developers are incentivized to be more productive.
    • FP advocates refer to this as measuring the size of the solution instead of the size of the problem.

Scrum and Metrics

The Scrum framework

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

Updated : 01/10/2021

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