18 June 2024

Scrum, DevOps and Continuous Delivery (Release on Demand)

Continuous Delivery (Release on Demand) definition

  • Continuous Delivery is a software delivery practice similar to Continuous Deployment except a human action is required to promote changes into a subsequent environment along the pipeline.

Continuous Delivery (Release on Demand) purpose

  • Continuous Delivery is the aim of keeping the system “Production Ready” during development to enable the release of a product to the end user on demand.

Continuous Delivery (Release on Demand) practice

  • Continuous Delivery (Release on Demand) must be used in DevOps.
    • Continuous Delivery helps to move away from the activity of preparing and making software Production Ready.
    • Instead the Developers make sure that the software is always “Production Ready”.
    • Continuous Delivery doesn’t mean every change is deployed to production ASAP.
    • It means every change is proven to be deployable at any time.

DevOps and the three ways

Continuous Integration (CI)

Continuous Deployment (CD)

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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