12 April 2024

Module Coupling

Module Coupling definition

  • It is a code quality metric.
  • Module coupling is one of the most important metrics in software design.

Module Coupling purpose

  • It gives us the clue how good we are at using types defined in other modules.

Module Coupling calculation

  • There are two kinds of couplings :
  • Total coupling of a module is calculated by summing up its efferent and afferent coupling.

Module Coupling practice

  • Whenever a class is coupled to a class from another module, we say that its containing module is also coupled to the other module.
  • Module coupling is measured by counting classes from other modules that it is coupled with.
    • Of course, one class may couple with another class from the same module.
    • Such pair of classes does not contribute to module coupling because it evens out.
    • In other words, we can measure efferent coupling of a module as the count of classes from other modules that classes from this module know about.
    • Conversely, afferent coupling of a module is the count of classes it contains that classes from other modules know about.

Afferent Coupling

Efferent Coupling


Scrum and Metrics

The Scrum framework

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