24 June 2024

Scrum Team, Accountability, Empowerment and Self-organization

The Scrum framework consists of Scrum Teams and their associated accountabilities, artifacts, events and rules as defined in the Scrum Guide.

Scrum Team

Scrum Team Accountability

  • The Scrum Team as a whole is responsible for delivering the committed Product Backlog items in time and with the highest possible quality :
    • The roles of the Scrum Team members are not compartmentalized like the architect, the developer, the tester, and so on.
    • They all share the same title, “Developer” regardless of their core personal competencies.
    • A good result or a failure is never attributed to a single team member but always the result of the Scrum Team.

Empowerment and Self-organization

  • The Scrum Team has to be empowered and Self-Organized to define :
    • What the team commits to deliver at the end of the Sprint,
    • How the committed items or User Stories will be broken down into tasks,
    • Who will perform a specific task and in which order the tasks are implemented.
    • Only if the Scrum Team is empowered to decide these and similar internal decisions, the team members will work with higher performance and motivation for the interest of their client stakeholders.

Multidisciplinary Scrum Team

  • A Scrum Team should be multidisciplinary, with a balanced set of skills :
    • Each Individual within the Scrum Team will most certainly have specialized skills, focus, and personal preference of interests.
    • However, to achieve the best possible performance, your Scrum Team needs to have a balanced set of skills.
    • Only then the Scrum Team will be able to deal with the ever-changing IT and business challenges, and they can act as autonomous as it is possible.
    • That means a Scrum Team should be multidisciplinary (designers, developers, testers, architects, etc.) right from the beginning.
    • On the other hand, this also means that each team member should learn a little bit from each other’s specialization.
    • For instance, to be able to finish a committed user story until the end of the Sprint, a developer should willingly write and execute tests,

Scrum Team

Product Owner


Scrum Master

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

Updated : 02/09/2021

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