24 June 2024

The Scrum framework : Scrum Self-Organization

Scrum Self-Organization

  • Understand and Embrace Self-Organization :
    • The Scrum Team organizes itself.
    • Developers decide in consensus about tasks they need to execute to deliver the goals of a sprint.
    • A self-organized team doesn’t require a manager or a team leader.


  • Self-organization in the Scrum framework is very disciplined.
  • Competent Scrum Masters support their Scrum Teams to excel with self-organization quickly.
  • Self-organization :
    • Self-organization also includes the ability to work together despite different opinions and possible conflicts among various Developers.
    • Self-organization requires compliance and trust in joint decision-making processes.
    • Those decision-making process in the scrum framework includes, but not limited to, planning, estimating, implementing, reporting, and reviewing the Developers is jointly responsible.

The Scrum framework

Scrum Team, Accountability, Empowerment and Self-organization

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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