19 April 2024

Scrum and Technical Practices : Merging

Merging definition

  • Merging is a fundamental operation to combine and reconcile multiple changes, which results in a single collection of files containing both sets of changes.
    • Combining two or more changes into a single codebase

Merging purpose

  • Each Developer should be pulling from the main branch into their own feature branch so that they ensure they don’t go too far from the current baseline.

Merging practice

  • Merging should happen often.
    • Conflicts with the Main branch are seen when Developers rebase more than needed.
    • They can do that daily, so that tasks that take more than a couple days stay in sync and merge issues are resolved while they are still small.
    • Continuous and Frequent Merges are always recommended.

Version Control


Version Control, branching and Merging and Standards

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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