19 April 2024

Scrum and Technical Practices : Version Control, Branching, Merging and Standards

Version Control definition

  • Version control (also known as revision control or source control) is a category of processes and tools designed to keep track of multiple different versions of software, content, documents, websites and other information in development.

Branching definition

  • Branching is creating a logical or physical copy of code within a version control system so that this copy might be changed in isolation.

Feature branching definition

  • Feature Branching is an approach is to use a branch to work on a feature until it’s complete, then merge into the trunk/master Branch.

Merging definition

  • Merging is a fundamental operation to combine and reconcile multiple changes, which results in a single collection of files containing both sets of changes.


  • Scrum Developers work toward company, development and organizational standards.
    • Such standards provide guidance.
    • The Developers decide on the actual implementation, thereby respecting the standards.

Version Control



More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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