12 April 2024

Scrum or Agile Scrum ?

The Scrum framework consists of Scrum Teams and their associated accountabilities, artifacts, events and rules as defined in the Scrum Guide.

Scrum or Agile Scrum ?

  • Well, when the IT industry talks about the Scrum framework, it’s also often we hear the term “Agile Scrum” along the same lines as “Scrum”.
    • It led some of us in the industry to think and look for differences between the terms “Agile Scrum” and “Scrum”.
    • “Agile Scrum” and “Scrum” terms do both refer to the same thing.
    • They both refer to the Scrum software engineering process.
    • Then why do we sometimes use the word “Agile” in front “Scrum” ?
    • It’s because the Scrum framework fully embraced and embedded the Agile manifesto (Manifesto for Agile Software Development) to its core process, principles, and underlying philosophy.
  • That brings us to understand the Agile manifesto and the values of the scrum process better before we deep-dive the technicalities of the scrum process.

What is Agile Manifesto ?

  • Agile manifesto values are :
    • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools,
    • Working software over comprehensive documentation,
    • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation,
    • Responding to change over following a plan.
  • While the factors on the right-hand side do still possess significant values, the agile manifesto appreciates and prioritizes the factors on the left-hand side higher.
  • The elements favored by the Agile manifesto have been carefully time-tested and chosen to :
    • Serve clients and stakeholders better and create value for them with software,
    • Enhance the profession of software engineering regardless of your role, title, and career level.

The Scrum framework

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

Updated : 21/08/2021

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