24 June 2024

Scrum and Technical Practices : Technical Spike

Technical Spike definition

  • Evaluation of technical elements for a proposed solution is a technical Spike.

Technical Spike purpose

  • A technical Spike may be used for evaluation of potential performance or load impact of a new user story, evaluation of specific implementation technologies that can be applied to a solution, or for any reason when the team needs to develop a more confident understanding of a desired approach before committing new functionality to a timebox.

Technical Spike practice

  • We use the technical spikes when we want to research various approaches in the solution domain, such as :
    • Determine a build-versus-buy decision
    • Evaluate the potential performance or load impact of a new user story
    • Evaluate specific technical implementation approaches
    • Develop confidence about the desired solution path.

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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