20 May 2024

Scrum testing

Traditional Functional Testing :

  • Traditionally, not in Agile testing, functional testing is implemented by a team of testers, independent of the developers.
  • However Functional tests can be automated.

Agile Testing :

  • In the Scrum framework, there is no assigned Role (e.g. QA) who conducts the Test Cases, Developers are responsible for writing and executing the Test Cases.

Automated Tests benefits :

  • Running automated tests in automated builds guarantees that every build is tested for bugs.
  • If any bug in the code arises, it is better to detect and fix it as soon as it appears.
  • Using automated tests in automated builds makes it possible to discover bugs in the shortest period when it is easier to find the reason of the bug and fix it.
  • This allows software developers to find and correct more errors before the application is released.

Automated Tests practice :

  • The following tests can be automated :
    • Unit Test,
    • Integration Test,
    • Component Test,
    • System Test,
    • Functional Acceptance Test,
    • User Acceptance Test
    • Non-functional Acceptance Test
      • Capacity Test,
      • Security Test,
      • Performance Test,
      • etc
  • However, the following tests cannot be automated :
    • Exploratory Test,
    • Usability Test,
    • Showcase Test.

Scrum Testing and practices

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