12 April 2024

Test First Development (TFD)

Test First Development (TFD) definition

  • Test First Development (TFD) is designing tests before satisfying them.
    • Test-First Development is an evolutionary approach to programming where agile software developers must first write a test that fails before they write new functional code.
    • Test First development is a development style in which you write the unit tests before you write the code to test.

Test-First Development advantages :

  • It promotes good design and separation of concerns.
  • It improves quality and reduces bugs.
  • It causes you to construct a test harness that can be automated.
  • It speeds the overall development process.
  • It reduces the re-work developers would have to do and gives them the courage to refactor.

Test first Development practice

  • Test-first development (TFD) is an approach to development in which developers do not write a single line of code until they have created the test cases needed to prove that unit of work solves the business problem and is technically correct at a unit-test level.
    • In a response to a question on Quora, Beck described reading about developers using a test-first approach well before XP and Agile.
    • Test-driven development is test-first development combined with design and code refactoring.
    • Both test-first and test-driven development are useful for improving quality, morale and trust and even though both are related they not the same.

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