19 April 2024

The Scrum framework: Documentation

Scrum approach for Documentation

  • Developers are responsible for doing all the required tasks to create a potentially releasable and useful Increment.
    • Documentation same as other tasks is a part of the development.

Documentation practice

  • The Developers as a cross-functional team is responsible for documentation like other tasks to create a potentially releasable and usable Increment.
    • Also, the accountability of doing all tasks belongs to the Developers as a whole not just one person, like a document writer.
    • Therefore, each Developer who has sufficient documentation skills can create the required documentation.
  • In addition, postponing some tasks to the future for example right before a release increases risks and prevents creating done Increment in order to gather feedback from the market.

Documentation and Definition of Done

  • If a Scrum Team decides to have the documentation in its development process, they can add it to the Definition of Done (DoD).
  • Then they should adhere to it for each developed feature.
  • Also, having enough documentation can help the team to have easier software maintenance.

The Scrum framework

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

Updated : 03/09/2021

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