19 April 2024

Scrum and Technical Practices : Bugs

Bug definition

  • A software bug is an error, flaw, failure, or fault that produces an incorrect or unexpected result.

Bug discovery purpose

  • Bugs create Debt

Bugs fixing practices

  • When you find a bug that has already been delivered to the market, at first estimate the amount of work needs to fix it :
    • If it is small do it in the current Sprint and just inform the Product Owner.
    • However, if it is not small, ask the Product Owner to put it on the Product Backlog.
    • Unless your company has specific guidance on fixing bugs, they represent work to be done and should be ordered on the Product Backlog by the Product Owner.
    • If a Developer is unsure of what to do with a bug, he / she should talk to the Product Owner.
  • A bug should be resolved right away if :
    • 1) if the work to fix the bug is less than the work to actually file it.
    • 2) if the bug is so critical that it would be negligent to leave it unfixed
    • If bugs occur (which they certainly do), the person finding the bug should be able to report (document & send) the bug to people in charge of fixing that error or failure.
  • Bugs discovered in Sprint should be fixed immediately :
    • The person who have done the bug fix it, or whoever the Developers agree should fix it.

Scrum PSD Certification Question and Answer

  • While changing software, you find a bug in a previously delivered piece of functionality. What should you do ?
    • Fix the bug if it is critical or easily fixed, otherwise, put the new bug into the Product Backlog to be prioritized and fixed in an upcoming Sprint.

Bug Report purpose

  • A bug report “should explain how exactly the product is broken.”

Scrum Testing

The Scrum framework

More informations for the Scrum PSD certification here.

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