24 June 2024

Nexus framework : Rules

Nexus Definition

  • A Nexus is a group of approximately three to nine Scrum Teams that work together to deliver a single product; it is a connection between people and things.
  • A Nexus has a single Product Owner who manages a single Product Backlog from which the Scrum Teams work.
  • The Nexus framework defines the Accountabilities, Events, and Artifacts that bind and weave together the work of the Scrum Teams in a Nexus.
  • Nexus builds upon Scrum’s foundation, and its parts will be familiar to those who have used Scrum.

Nexus framework Rules

  • Nexus does not change the core design or ideas of Scrum, or leave out elements, or negate the rules of the Scrum framework.
  • Each element of the framework serves a specific purpose that is essential to help teams and organizations scale the benefits of Scrum with multiple teams working together.
  • As with the Scrum framework, the Accountabilities in Nexus, its Artifacts, Events, and rules are immutable.
    • Although implementing only parts of Nexus is possible, the result is not Nexus.

The Nexus framework

Nexus Framework : Accountabilities

Nexus framework : Artifacts

Nexus framework : Events

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