24 July 2024

The Nexus Framework : Accountabilities

Nexus Definition

  • A Nexus is a group of approximately three to nine Scrum Teams that work together to deliver a single product; it is a connection between people and things.
  • A Nexus has a single Product Owner who manages a single Product Backlog from which the Scrum Teams work.
  • The Nexus framework defines the Accountabilities, Events, and Artifacts that bind and weave together the work of the Scrum Teams in a Nexus.
  • Nexus builds upon Scrum’s foundation, and its parts will be familiar to those who have used Scrum.

Nexus Accountabilities

  • A Nexus consists of Scrum Teams that work together toward a Product Goal.
    • The Scrum framework defines three specific sets of accountabilities within a Scrum Team : the Developers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Master.
    • These accountabilities are prescribed in the Scrum guide.
    • In Nexus, an additional accountability is introduced, the Nexus Integration Team.

Nexus Integration Team

  • The Nexus Integration Team is accountable for ensuring that a done Integrated Increment (the combined work completed by a Nexus) is produced at least once a Sprint.
    • It provides the focus that makes possible the accountability of multiple Scrum Teams to come together to create valuable, useful Increments, as prescribed in Scrum.
    • While Scrum Teams address integration issues within the Nexus, the Nexus Integration Team provides a focal point of integration for the Nexus.
    • Integration includes addressing technical and non-technical cross-functional team constraints that may impede a Nexus’ ability to deliver a constantly Integrated Increment.
    • It should use bottom-up intelligence from within the Nexus to achieve resolution.
  • The Product Owner, the Scrum Master, and the appropriate members from the Scrum Teams belong to the Nexus Integration Team.
    • Appropriate members are the people with the necessary skills and knowledge to help resolve the issues the Nexus faces at any point in time.
    • Composition of the Nexus Integration Team may change over time to reflect the current needs of a Nexus.
  • Common activities the Nexus Integration Team might perform include coaching, consulting, and highlighting awareness of dependencies and cross-team issues.
  • The Nexus Integration Team consists of:
    • The Product Owner :
    • A Scrum Master :
      • The Scrum Master in the Nexus Integration Team is accountable for ensuring the Nexus framework is understood and enacted as described in the Nexus Guide.
    • One or more Nexus Integration Team Members:
  • The Nexus Integration Team is responsible for coaching and guiding the Scrum Teams to acquire, implement, and learn practices and tools that improve their ability to produce a valuable, useful Increment.
    • Membership in the Nexus Integration Team takes precedence over individual Scrum Team membership.
    • As long as their Nexus Integration Team responsibility is satisfied, they can work as team members of their respective Scrum Teams.
    • This preference helps ensure that the work to resolve issues affecting multiple teams has priority.

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